Idea Melt

Everything is an object

The only mantra you'll ever need to be social

With IdeaMelt, everything on your site can become a part of your social fabric. Everything can be interacted with. Everything can have stories. Everything becomes more engaging for your users. Everything becomes more awesome.


The Complete Platform

Simple Installation

Copy paste a few lines of code and you're ready to go.

Production Ready

Tested, validated, and ready for your production environment.

Works On All Devices

Optimized for the best experience on all screen sizes and devices.

Integrate Easily

Neatly integrate with your CMS, CRM, site, or app - no rewrites necessary.

Realtime End-to-End

Live updates across domains and sessions, within seconds.

Scalable & Reliable

Proven backend that has served 700 million items with 99.99% SLA.

Automatic Tracking

Built in event tracker that captures everything cleanly and automatically.

Actionable Analytics

Intelligent summarization of key stats with funelling and segmentation.

Deep Data Collection

Everything is logged and saved for deep and targeted analysis anytime.

Ownership of Data

You have complete ownership of all data to do with what you want.

Full Service Backend

Best-of-class, secure backend in the cloud. Nothing extra needed.

Custom CSS & HTML

Fully customizable CSS and HTML templates for complete branding.

Empowering Architecture

We take care of everything so you can make the perfect community.

Pure JavaScript Platform

Secure, fast, and stable code for minimal learning or deployment time.

Modular & Extensible

Mix, match, nest, & anything for immense power in a simple package.

Powerful Dashboard

Deploy and manage everything from the Dashboard, no coding required.

Flexible API

Clean, fast & predictable RESTful API that gets out of the way.

Easy JavsScript Library

Abstract away browser & AJAX issues for fast and simple client-side use.

so, what are you waiting for?get IdeaMelt