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Status Codes

When any requests are made, the API returns standard HTTP status codes. For quick reference, these are the status codes we use:

200Success! Check 'success' and 'message_list' fields in the returned JSON object for complete details.
400Invalid Request. Usually occurs when parameters are missing or malformed. Check the returned JSON object 'message_list' field for more information on the error.
404Not Found. The request or endpoint specified does not exist. This usually happens when the URL for the request is incorrect.
500Server Error. Something went wrong on our end.
Response Object

Each request also returns a JSON object with information from the server. There are two fields that are always present in this object for all endpoints: 'message_list' and 'success'. Certain endpoints also send additional information in contextual fields when necessary within the same JSON object. For more information, check out the endpoints.

    message_list: [ ],
    success: true
list of messages from the server, usually used for errors.
the API uses this boolean to confirm that the request has succeeded. This is to ensure that there are no false positives when making the request so be sure to check this in your application code. If you're using the library (highly recommended), this is abstracted away!